Horror is a diverse genre, ranging from supernatural fantasy to dystopian sci-fi, from gore to writing that probes the darkness of the human mind. Whatever kind you write, there's a publication out there looking for your work. Here's a list of markets that welcome horror poetry—just in time for Halloween.

  • Bloodbond cover


    Published every May and November, Bloodbond is a perfect-bound collection of stories and poems about vampires, werewolves, and shapeshifters, sometimes bendin... How to Submit

  • Midnight Echo cover

    Midnight Echo

    Horror outfit Midnight Echo is a biannual publication containing a hundred pages of dark writing: fiction, poetry and comics appear alongside horror-related a... How to Submit

  • On Spec cover

    On Spec

    On Spec is a quarterly of fantastic literature with a distinctly Canadian perspective—though submissions are also accepted from elsewhere... How to Submit

  • Andromeda Spaceways cover

    Andromeda Spaceways

    Australian quarterly Andromeda Spaceways publishes speculative fiction and poetry, alongside artwork and the occasional article on the "weird"... How to Submit

  • Infernal Ink Magazine cover

    Infernal Ink Magazine

    Each issue of the dark Infernal Ink quarterly features violence, horror, erotica and a whole lot of blasphemy... How to Submit

  • Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine cover

    Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine

    Appearing three times a year, Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine showcases a mix of horror, weird erotica and dark humor in poetry, fiction, and artwork... How to Submit

  • Not One of Us cover

    Not One of Us

    Not One of Us tackles the theme of otherness through a prism of genres, including horror, science fiction and fantasy... How to Submit

  • Shroud cover


    Shroud is an award-winning magazine of dark speculative fiction, poetry, and artwork, as well as reviews within the genre... How to Submit

  • Dreams & Nightmares cover

    Dreams & Nightmares

    If nihilistic, Lovecraftian horror terrifies you more than blood, Dreams & Nightmares might be the market for you... How to Submit