Andromeda Spaceways

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Australian quarterly Andromeda Spaceways publishes speculative fiction and poetry, alongside artwork and the occasional article on the "weird". The magazine welcomes traditional science fiction, fantasy and horror, with a preference for lighthearted material. It is a competitive, paying market.

Poetry Sought

Up to two pages of "science fiction, fantasy or supernatural horror". No "gratuitous sex or graphic violence."

Quick Facts

  • Pays cash
  • Pays one copy
  • Highly competitive market
  • No simultaneous submissions

How to submit to Andromeda Spaceways

To get published in Andromeda Spaceways:

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Andromeda Spaceways accepts submissions through:

More About Andromeda Spaceways

"Andromeda Spaceways is intended for a wide audience." Pays contributors $10AUD per poem and purchases "limited electronic rights, as well as first Australian print rights".

Established 2002.

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