Crazyhorse is published every fall and spring by the College of Charleston, South Carolina. The magazine publishes fiction, nonfiction and poetry, and has featured the likes of John Updike, Raymond Carver and numerous other award-winning authors.

Poetry Sought

"We seek poems that exhibit how content works symbiotically with form... poems that employ or stretch lyric modes."

Quick Facts

  • Pays cash
  • Pays 2 copies
  • Simultaneous submissions OK
  • Reading fee charged

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More About Crazyhorse

Wants "poems that capture our attention enact the lyric utterance through musical textures, tone of voice, vivid language, reticence, and skillful syntax. For us, overall, the best poems do not idly tell the reader how to feel or think, they engender feeling and thought in the reader." Pays $20 per page, up to $200. Acquires First North American Serial Rights.

Established 1960.

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