If nihilistic, Lovecraftian horror terrifies you more than blood, Dreams & Nightmares might be the market for you. The Alabama-based triannual publishes poetry, line art and the occasional short story within the genres of science fiction, fantastic horror and fantasy.

Poetry Sought

Up to two pages of science fiction, fantastic horror or fantasy.

Quick Facts

  • Pays cash
  • Pays 2 copies

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More About Dreams & Nightmares

Dreams & Nightmares pays $12 per poem. "Any SF or fantasy is appropriate if it isn't sappy or trite. If your poem rhymes, be sure that the rhymes are not forced, and that the meter is consistent." Each issue features 15 to 20 poems. Less than 5% of all submissions are accepted for publication. The editor buys first North American serial rights unless otherwise specified.

Established 1986.

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