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Black and white, exquisitely designed Gigantic Sequins is the place to submit if you care about a journal's beauty as much as its content. One of the more acclaimed and competitive indie lit mags, the Philadelphia-based biannual publishes poetry, prose and comics.

Poetry Sought

3-5 previously unpublished poems. "We highly recommend you become familiar with what we've published in the past before sending us any work."

Quick Facts

  • Pays one copy
  • Simultaneous submissions OK
  • Highly competitive market

How to submit to Gigantic Sequins

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More About Gigantic Sequins

"Our editors enjoy publishing writers & artists who have their hands in various sorts of figurative creative cookie jars, & we love to publish writers & artists at a variety of different stages in their careers." Acquires first serial rights; other rights revert back to author upon publication.

Established 2009.

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