Each issue of the dark Infernal Ink quarterly features violence, horror, erotica and a whole lot of blasphemy. Infernal Ink is suitable for emerging poets and fiction writers—although you must be a legal adult to submit.

Poetry Sought

"Poetry with graphic adult content, harsh language, and graphic violence are not only accepted, they are favored."

Quick Facts

  • Pays one copy
  • Accepts reprints
  • Welcomes beginning writers
  • No simultaneous submissions

How to submit to Infernal Ink Magazine

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More About Infernal Ink Magazine

Infernal Ink Magazine does not accept works "about Hell, the Devil, or Satanists that rely heavily on traditional or mainstream religious dogma, misconceptions about Satanism, or cliches. We are equally not interested in pieces which read like preachy cautionary tales offering warnings against involvement with the paranormal or occult. We also tend not to like zombies or romantic vampires." Contributors receive electronic copies. Secures exclusive rights for 3 months, after which rights revert to author.

Established 2012.

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