Mount Island is young in both spirit and ageā€”the Vermont-based magazine recently released its first issue of prose, poetry, art and interviews with musicians. The biannual offers critiques to submitters, and is an approachable market for emerging writers.

Poetry Sought

"Whether your work experimental or traditional, make sure it's memorable."

Quick Facts

  • Pays one copy
  • Simultaneous submissions OK
  • Welcomes beginning writers

How to submit to Mount Island

To get published in Mount Island:

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More About Mount Island

"There is no official word limit for poetry, but we are unlikely to publish more than a short excerpt of your epic poem about the rise and fall of Constantinople." Acquires First North American Serial Rights; copyright reverts to author upon publication. No reading fees, but "expedited responses to submissions are available for $3 USD, and detailed editorial responses are available for $12 USD (all profits go toward our operating costs)".

Established 2014.

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