New Letters is a quarterly featuring fiction, poetry, artwork and a range of non-fiction, along with a calendar of lit-related events in the Kansas city, Missouri region. The magazine is part of a multidimensional project also encompassing a book publisher, writers' conference, awards and a radio program.

Poetry Sought

"Our only fixed requirement is good writing... formulaic 'commercial' efforts tend to put us off."

Quick Facts

  • Pays cash
  • Pays 2 copies
  • Simultaneous submissions OK

How to submit to New Letters

To get published in New Letters:

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New Letters accepts submissions through:

  • Postal mail

More About New Letters

Pays "$15 per page, often more for multi-page poems." Offers contributors discounts for additional copies and subscriptions. Buys first North-American serial rights. Finally, "we are unlikely to publish poems about poetry."

Established 1934.

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