Not One of Us tackles the theme of otherness through a prism of genres, including horror, science fiction and fantasy. The digest-sized, 52-page quarterly publishes fiction, poetry and artwork on the theme of being an outsider. With a quick response time and decent acceptance rate, it is a good market for emerging writers.

Poetry Sought

Must pertain to being "excluded from society for whatever the reason."

Quick Facts

  • Pays cash
  • Pays one copy
  • Welcomes beginning writers

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More About Not One of Us

Not One of Us is "about people (or things) out of place in their surroundings, outsiders, social misfits, aliens in the SF sense." Editorial philosophy states that "the scariest and most deeply moving horror stories are not about monsters or about good vs. evil, but rather about the reader’s own fears and discomforts." Willing to read long poems that aren't epic-length. Avoid "vampires, alcoholic villains without any understanding of their motives, tales about writers, sword and sorcery, deals with the devil, and revenge stories." Pays $5 per poem. Purchases first North American serial rights.

Established 1986.

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