PANK Magazine publishes innovative, experimental poetry and prose. Edited by best-selling writer Roxane Gay, the magazine appears about twice a year, both online and in print.

Poetry Sought

"Now then, you badass writers you, submit your newest, strangest, best, and brightest". Prefers contemporary, experimental styles.

Quick Facts

  • Pays cash
  • Pays with subscription
  • Simultaneous submissions OK

How to submit to PANK Magazine

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More About PANK Magazine

Pays $20, an annual subscription to the print magazine, and a [PANK] t-shirt. Does not charge reading fees February through March and September through November, unless otherwise noted. "FYI, all Tip Jar proceeds go to supporting author payments...And believe it or not, free and tip jar submissions are treated exactly the same during the reading and selection process; we don’t distinguish. So there."

Established 2006.

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