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Pleiades is published twice a year by the Pleiades Press at the University of Central Missouri. The journal publishes fiction, poetry, and essays, and dedicates half of each issue to small-press book reviews. In 2010, Huffington Post dubbed Pleiades one of "17 Literary Journals That Might Survive the Internet".

Poetry Sought

Prefers contemporary styles, including experimental poetry. Sample poems are available on the journal's website.

Quick Facts

  • Pays 2 copies
  • Pays with subscription
  • Simultaneous submissions OK
  • Highly competitive market

How to submit to Pleiades

To get published in Pleiades:

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More About Pleiades

"Editors' Prizes of $100-$500 are awarded to exceptional poems and stories within each issue." Buys first North American serial rights and reprint rights; occasionally requests other rights.

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