Issued by the Louisiana State University Press, The Southern Review has published fiction, poetry and literary nonfiction for almost eighty years. TSR is published quarterly in print and digital versions.

Poetry Sought

Up to five poems in contemporary styles. "We recommend that before submitting work you familiarize yourself with the journal's aesthetic by subscribing."

Quick Facts

  • Pays cash
  • Pays 2 copies
  • Pays with subscription
  • Simultaneous submissions OK
  • Highly competitive market

How to submit to The Southern Review

To get published in The Southern Review:

Send your Submission

The Southern Review accepts submissions through:

  • Postal mail

More About The Southern Review

The Southern Review is a flat-spined, digest-sized, 200-page publication "committed to finding the next new voices in literature". Receives an average of 10,000 submissions per year. Pays $25 per page and $125 maximum for poetry, purchasing first North American serial rights. Work appears in print an average of 6 months after acceptance.

Established 1935.

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